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Nick Yates

Commercial Director

I joined the business in March 2015. Within Out of Home we’ve progressed our portfolio from post mix, to now post mix (with Coca Cola) to Frozen (with Starslush and ICEE) and also coffee with JDE. Being a Manchester born lad and having worked in the beverage industries for over 20 years, Nichols and Vimto very much feel like home.

My vision for Nichols’s future

Seeing the brands grow from strength to strength and being part of the great story being created.

What has been your experience working as part of Nichols?

A great business to be part of. People talk about the culture of an organisation, but the values here have been created ‘by the people for the people’, and you can sense it from the minute you walk through the door (or indeed you join a zoom call).

Nichols beverage of choice

Vimto Starslush


I’m married with two children and a passionate sports fan. Being from Manchester, there’s only one team to support… and I’ve been a Man City season ticket holder for many years.

Life before Nichols:

I spent the majority of my career in sales, and I worked for Pernod Ricard for over 12 years.

First-ever job:

Selling football programs so I could get in to see the game free of charge.