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Richard Newman

Chief Financial Officer

My role is to ensure we plan and operate the business in a financially sustainable and responsible way, to generate cash, improve profitability and ultimately help maximise the company’s value.

Vision for Nichols Future

Our vision is to ‘build our business doing the right things in the right way’. For me, that means having a clear focus on delivering our strategic priorities including expanding distribution of our existing products, entering new attractive product categories, expanding geographically; whilst maintaining a focus on our cost base and our environmental impact. Ultimately, it’s about making the right choices in what we do and how we do it.

What has been your experience working as part of Nichols?

Working for a business with a great history and heritage makes it unique. We are all temporary custodians of the Vimto brand and everyone has a role to play to ensure that the business flourishes for another 100 years and more, by keeping our products relevant for the consumers of today and tomorrow.

Nichols beverage of choice

Mango and Passionfruit squash

Life before Nichols:

I qualified as an accountant with PwC in Birmingham but quickly decided I didn’t really enjoy auditing and wanted to work in industry. My first industry role was Financial Controller of Cadburys in the UK, working at the famous Bournville factory. I remained at Cadburys for almost 15 years and was fortunate to work in Australia for 3 years and also in Ireland for 5 years where I had my first Finance Director role. Subsequently I have worked as a Finance Director in National Express (Transport) , DS Smith (Packaging); and most recently I was CFO at Accrol PLC.

First-ever job:

I set up my own car washing business when I was 10, initially to earn enough money to buy a bike. I managed to get all our neighbours onto my customer list and would spend most of my weekend washing cars for £2-£3 per vehicle. I eventually learnt how to up-sell; offering a full valet service for £20. The only person who wouldn’t pay me was my Dad, who said I had to wash his car in return for him taking me to my football matches!