The Story of a Soft Drink

Vimto is a soft drink that has it all. For over 100 years Nichols plc has been mixing its secret recipe of fruits and spices to produce a unique soft drink available around the world in both the still and carbonate categories


Vimto is available in Vimto Original and No Added Sugar recipes, both of which exist in cordial, still and fizzy formats. We now have two new flavours creating the Vimto Remix range - Mango, Strawberry & Pineapple and Raspberry, Orange & Passion Fruit.


In 1908 in Manchester John Noel Nichols created the drink we all know and love, Vimto. Originally created as a herbal tonic to give drinkers ‘Vim and Vigour’, its popularity soon saw the drink being enjoyed abroad too. Vimto is now available in over 85 countries across the world.


From 1908 to today, see how our advertising has changed through the decades. We’ve grown from advertising in regional newspapers in the early days to airing national TV adverts on our screens today. Our advertising has always had a humorous side, these days our brand croaksperson, the Vimtoad, expresses his unconditional love for Vimto.



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