We’re passionate about making products consumers love – it’s at the heart of what we do.

This means developing products that allow consumers to make healthier choices, strengthening our approach to responsible sourcing and continuing to challenge ourselves to find sustainable solutions for our packaging.

Focus areas:

Healthier Hydration

We know that we have an important role to play in helping our consumers make healthier choices. Whether by reducing sugar content or adding nutrients, we continue to develop our portfolio through innovation and continuous renovation.

We’ve made sugar reduction our mission. Over the past ten years to the end of 2021, we cut 1,333 tonnes of added sugar from our UK packaged products, reducing the average sugar content from 8g/100ml in 2012 to 5g/100ml by 2021.

All our products in the UK remain exempt from the Soft Drinks Industry Levy, with 100% of our UK packaged range now low or No Added Sugar (NAS).

All future innovation for both UK Packaged and OOH will be low or NAS. We continue to work closely with our international partners to explore sugar reduction, where appropriate.

Key Progress in 2022
This year we ensured that our whole UK Packaged portfolio was 100% HFSS compliant (High in Saturated Fat, Salt and Sugar)”

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Sustainable Packaging

Unsustainable and unnecessary packaging is a pressing concern for our consumers, who don’t want to see the products they buy going on to impact the natural world. We are committed to working with our partners and the wider industry to promote sustainable options and encourage responsible consumer behaviour.

Working with our partners, we have already made significant strides across the four pillars of our packaging strategy

Key Progress in 2022
This year, in addition to introducing our new sustainable packaging policy, we ran trials on our Bag-in-Box formats to enable a sustainable packaging solution. Whilst 40.5% UK portfolio contains 51% recycled PET, we continue to strive to reach 100% recycled PET by 2025.

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Proud of every Pack


Not using an ounce more packaging than we need to


Exporing re-usable formats in all sectors


Building a circular economy for packaging


Investigating potential new materials and formats

Responsibly Sourced

The unique flavour of our products begins with quality ingredients sourced from trusted and responsible suppliers.

We source ingredients and materials primarily from long-standing partnerships, providing us with a clear understanding of product quality, labour protections and environmental practices.

Key Progress in 2022

This year, we have focused on developing the policies and practices to ensure sustainability is embedded within the entire production process of our products

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HFSS compliant

Our UK Packaged portfolio is now 100% HFSS compliant

NAS advertising focus

100% of UK Vimto advertising spend focused on NAS variants

Vimto UK squash contains 51% rPET

Packing our new squash bottle is also more efficient, reducing our carbon footprint

UKP 100% recyclable

Packaging in our UK packaged drinks range is 100% recyclable

Reduced Sugar

100% of our UK Packaged portfolio are low or no added sugar recipes


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