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Vimto is loved from Manchester to Mombasa

Our International division is a key strategic growth pillar of our business, which goes from strength to strength. Vimto is enjoyed by families worldwide – across 73 countries – through a combination of export and local production. The high levels of brand awareness and consumption, particularly in the Middle East and Africa, are a clear indication of its popularity.

Worldwide, we produce carbonated, cordial, still and frozen products, sold in a range of flavours. Vimto is available in two branded formats, our red brand, which is our traditional format, and our purple brand, which is more closely aligned to the UK proposition. While the look, feel and recipe is adapted slightly to meet local consumer needs, the unique Vimto taste remains unchanged and enjoyed across the world.

Our international success is testament to our iconic and distinctive brand, and our strong strategic partnerships with our customers, some of which we are proud to have worked with for over 90 years. Continuing to expand our international presence remains a key strategic priority, and will be achieved through a combination of entering new markets and growing share in existing markets. We continue to be committed to keeping both our customers and consumers happy, and have ambitious plans for our brand.

25 million bottles of Vimto cordial are sold annually during Ramadan.

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