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Everyone Matters” is core to our Happier Future strategy and fundamental to our values at Nichols; we want to make life taste better for everyone. Our approach is led by our strong community values, with a focus on putting our people first and giving back to those who need it most.

The primary consumers of our products are young people, and we want to support them with more than just refreshment. We are committed to improving the lives of those young people who need it most—offering a leg up by raising aspirations for their futures and providing opportunities to develop their skills and careers.

We pledge to improve the future for over 100 young people in our local communities, raising aspirations through skills development and career development opportunities.

Focus Areas:

Starts with our people

Their wellbeing & their difference

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Our local communities

Supporting the young people who need it the most

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Employees volunteer locally in the UK, giving back to our communities

Long-term partners

Long-term partner with Warrington Youth Club, Salford City FC & Waves for Change


Find out about some of the ways we’re helping to reduce our carbon footprint