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Andrew Milne

Chief Executive Officer / Board member

Chief ‘Pop Man’, passionate about all things Purple

I think my passion for business started as a paperboy, where at 14 I was determined to deliver as many papers as possible to secure the most tips. I also negotiated a pay rise for myself and fellow paper deliverers much to the newsagents’ amusement. This passion has continued throughout my soft drinks career and brought me to my current role at Nichols. Having been in the business since 2013, I have witnessed multiple changes and this is still continuing at a great pace.

My vision for Nichols’s future

I have a strong vision for Nichols being a place of work where people are appreciated for individuality, and there are no Sunday night moments. We will learn together and have different experiences alongside achieving incredible results by being brave and thinking big. We also need to strive to behave responsibly to protect the environment and communities in which we live and work.

What has been your experience working as part of Nichols / what makes it different/unique?

Nichols is a business bursting with passionate people who strive to go the extra mile. The culture is infectious in both the great moments and the tough ones!

Nichols beverage of choice

No brainer – Vimto Fizzy Raspberry, Orange and Passionfruit (in a can!)


My free time is mostly spent as a taxi service to my two teenagers who thank me by mercilessly mocking me. I spend the rest of my downtime at the golf course unsuccessfully trying to improve, or watching Man United (much to the delight of my wife Debbie.)

Life before Nichols:

My career started on the graduate program at Marks and Spencer. I progressed to GSK, working in sales for Ribena and Lucozade. I then worked at Coca Cola for five years before joining Nichols.

First-ever job:

Rebel paperboy.