Designing our Net Zero Roadmap

In 2022, we measured our UK carbon emissions across all three scopes

With this data in 2023, we were able to develop our roadmap to achieve our ambition of reaching net zero carbon by 2050 (90% total emissions reduction compared to the baseline year).

We started this project by building a team made up of people from every facet of the business

A highlight of the process was an off-site day, facilitated by carbon experts at Green Element, whereby the team co-created lots of ideas (big and small) of how Nichols can work to reach net zero by 2050.

This work catalysed more conversations with our suppliers about decarbonisation and wider sustainability goals.

We even began implementing some of the actions before the roadmap was finalised.

Our finalised roadmap details our 2024 and longer-term targets that ensure we are reducing our emissions in line with global goals and targets.