Mapping our
Scope 3 Impact 


Given our partnership model, the majority  of our carbon emissions are produced by our suppliers and manufacturers who make our products. These are called our Scope 3, or indirect, carbon emissions.

We have partnered with specialist consultants Green Element, to support us in carrying out an in-depth assessment of the carbon footprint of our UK-based supply chain.

Together, we engaged our suppliers, to put in place systems and processes to measure and track their emissions.

This collaborative effort has enabled us to identify ‘carbon hotspots’ in our UK supply chain, these include:

  • product packaging
  • sourcing and transportation of ingredients
  • energy our suppliers’ use when producing our products.

These identified ‘hotspots’ inform where we will focus our efforts to reduce our carbon in the future.

In 2023, we will continue to develop our Scope 3 emissions reduction strategy

This work will enable us to set robust, science based targets and ensure we are reducing our direct and indirect emissions in line with global goals and targets.