New product launches in 2020

Healthy Hydration

To support our commitment to provide healthier choices to consumers with great tasting, low sugar options, we launched two new additions to the Vimto range in 2020. The two new products – Vimto Remix Orange, Strawberry and Lime and limited edition Winter Warmer squash – both have no added sugar and are fortified with Vitamin C.

Vimto Remix – Orange, Strawberry and Lime

Orange is a firm category favourite among consumers, and our zesty Remix edition of Orange, Strawberry and Lime offers consumers a flavour-packed choice with a unique Vimto twist, available in ready to drink, squash and carbonated formats.

Limited Edition Winter Warmer

‘Hot Vimto’ has been a has been a household staple for years, enjoyed by all ages throughout the Winter months. Specifically designed to be enjoyed hot, Winter Warmer takes the much-loved, unique blend of Vimto’s secret recipe of herbs and spices and infuses it with cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove to offer a deliciously festive flavour, packed with real fruit.