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Matt Nichols

Commercial Director

Vimto flavour guardian, cold water swimmer and weekend Dad.

The biggest change to the business completed just before I joined – we came out of manufacturing migrating to a fully outsourced model. Since then, we’ve gone from strength to strength with the UK brand value climbing to over £96m and carving out significant shares in many markets abroad. It’s all about sustainable long term partnerships for me and I try to think as far into the future as possible, whether that be business decisions or thinking about my kids and their development. Here’s to another 110+ years of Vimto!

My vision for Nichols’s future

In the next ten years, from an international perspective, we will grow both organically and by launching into new territories - both virgin continents and within existing regions.

What has been your experience working as part of Nichols?

Proud to be working in a fantastic, growing business with huge opportunities and an amazing brand that still manages to maintain that small family business feel.

Nichols beverage of choice

The pink squash, heavily diluted. Or winter warmer / original squash on a cold day.


Even though I travel extensively with work, I do enjoy experiencing new places with my wife. With kids in tow, we tend to stick to Mallorca or Wales nowadays! I love winter sports and watersports (snowboarding, wakeboarding, wakesurfing, swimming in the winter sea) and have recently taken up running and cycling.

Life before Nichols:

Joined pretty much straight from Uni as a marketing assistant in 2006/7.

First-ever job:

Making beds and serving breakfast in a seaside village hotel.