Feel Good Drinks

A purpose driven brand on a mission to lead change from within the drinks industry

Feel Good Drinks produce a sustainable, purpose-led range of fruitful sparkling waters made with 100% natural ingredients; created using no artificial flavours, added sugar or sweeteners and containing 15% real fruit juice.

Feel Good drinks has a long term commitment to sustainability and becoming a regenerative brand. In 2021 we completed the measurement of our carbon footprint through scopes 1 – 3, working with an independent expert we identified the brand emitted 203 tons of carbon in 2020* Following our findings we offset 487 tons of carbon; more than twice our base line and we published our findings in the ‘Mission Possible’ report; whilst signing up to Net Zero target of 2030 with a 16 point carbon mitigation plan aligned to UN SDGs

Feel Good continues to give back through our 3% people and planet fund and in 2021 we established a partnership with the charity Project Seagrass. Project Seagrass focuses on the active restoration of seagrass meadows across the UK and works with partners globally to conserve and protect these coastal marine ecosystems. In 2022 the relationship with Project Seagrass will be accelerating through the #youbuyweplant program; for every case of Feel Good we sell we will be planting a seagrass seed; supporting Project Seagrass’s work during the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration to which they are a supporting partner.

Whilst we have a strong focus on the climate, we continue to support community programs and we were excited in 2021 to announce our partnership with The Wave in Bristol. Feel Good is a supporting partner for the Waves of change program; where we help young people realise the benefits of the water and blue health. This program will grow in 2022 and we are aiming to run courses across 12 weeks throughout the year.

The Feel Good brand continues to encourage our consumers to recycle and we will continue to work with Every Can Counts at our events

*scope 3 measured carbon up to the point of manufacture and excludes warehousing and logistics