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Healthier Future

Innovating to enable consumers to make healthier choices

We believe a healthier future is a happier future. That’s why we’re committed to developing products that enable our consumers to make healthier choices. Already, 99% of our owned brands in the UK are now lower or no added sugar.

Innovation is key to meeting the evolving needs of our consumers, so we’re passionate about developing drinks that are better for you, and taste fantastic too.

Our sugar reduction journey dates back to 2012, and we’ve been steadily reformulating our products since then to provide lower-sugar alternatives across our branded ranges with no compromise on taste or quality.

Our journey towards a healthier future continues, both in the UK and internationally. We’re innovating and bringing new drinks to market, promoting low and no added sugar variants and providing clear nutritional labelling on all our packaging to make it easier for consumers to make healthier choices.

52% of Vimto Products sold in 2020 were No Added Sugar (NAS).

36% reduction in sugar usage since 2016.

99% of our owned brand ranges  in the UK are now low* or no added sugar

*containing less than 5g total sugars per 100ml


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