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Shaking up the squash category with vitamin fortification

In April 2021, we were proud to relaunch the core Vimto squash range with added nutrients, bringing additional health benefits to our consumers. The full range was fortified with vitamin D, with both vitamin C & D added to some products*, all without compromising the unmistakeable great taste of Vimto. At the same time, a brand new Vimto flavour – Blackberry, Raspberry and Blueberry – was released.

As the No.2 Squash brand in the UK**, part of Vimto’s ambition is to reframe the squash category celebrating both flavour and functional health benefits, providing consumers with additional reasons to shop the category and driving sustainable incremental long-term growth.

The recent shift towards at home occasions and an increase in tap water consumption, combined with guidance from Public Health England endorsing a daily supplement of vitamin D***, particularly for children, meant there was a genuine gap in the market for a new, healthier squash option. Developed closely in-line with consumer research, the new Blackberry, Raspberry and Blueberry variant performed extremely well during consumer testing and taps into two key flavour trends – Blackberry and Blueberry, both with super fruit credentials.

* Vitamin C&D is in the following Vimto squash products: Vimto Original, Vimto No Added Sugar, Vimto Orange, Strawberry & Lime, Vimto Mango, Strawberry & Pineapple and Winter Warmer. All flavours contain Vitamin D.

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*** – Nov 2020